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Spookie Daly Pride

"Spookie Daly Pride is a five piece band from Boston Massachusetts that delivers high energy, joyful hip hop-infused roots rock, with deep soulful grooves and catchy, hookfilled songs. Their uplifting, ever-evolving live show is laced with fearless improvisation and madcap hijinks. The music and the show truly defies comparisons, though the Muppet Band keeps popping up! In the short span of a year and a half the band has developed a massive following Read more on

Spookie Daly Pride has 2 songs that have been featured in movies like After School Special and The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest. What is your favorite song by Spookie Daly Pride?


Songs from Spookie Daly Pride

Go Get It Now
Marshmallow Pie Piece

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