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Almejas y mejillones (2000)

Rolondo (Jorge Sanz), a marine biologist who specializes in sexual behavior of the mussels, has rented a house in Tenerife that, to his surprise, when he comes, he discovers inhabited by a beautiful woman, Paula (Leticia Brédice) paradigm for all disorders. Paula is in need of money and convinces Rolondo to accompany her to a poker game, so she can quickly get the money to leave the house and leave him alone with his mussels. Rolondo with the passing hours falls for her, but discovers that Paula likes women ... forcing him to take a drastic decision.

The movie Almejas y mejillones, released in 2000, features 8 songs from artists like Rodrigo X. Lorenzo, Miguel Morant, Mar and Tita Merello. What is your favorite song from Almejas y mejillones?


Songs from Almejas y mejillones

Chica no busca chico
Rodrigo X. Lorenzo
You & I
Miguel Morant
Can't Stop Me Now
Keep on Dancing
Miguel Morant
Lying Again
Miguel Morant
Se dice de m?
Tita Merello
Himno al amor
Edith Piaf

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