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To the Limit (1995)

Colette is an attractive ex-CIA agent seeking revenge against a ruthless villan and his organization of trained assasins for the murder of her husband while the man is also after mobster Frank Di Vinci for his own personal reasons. It isn't long before the paths of both Colette and Frank meet whom they share the same vendetta against the same man and they reluctnaly try to co-operate with each other to bring him down.

The movie To the Limit, released in 1995, features 6 songs from artists like Vince Doberman & Theo Krawtch, Sharon Friely, Touch of Class and Joanna Bonin. What is your favorite song from To the Limit?


Songs from To the Limit

Peelers Bluies
Vince Doberman & Theo Krawtch
The Devils Hat Dance
Hold Me Tight And Kiss Me
Sharon Friely
God Bless Me
Touch of Class
Just Love Me Tonight
Touch of Class
Ave Maria
Joanna Bonin

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