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Uitgesloten (2001)

Uitgesloten is set in 1983. Jonathan is 18 and, just like his best friend Coen, he has grown up in the Jehovah's Witnesses. In this world with its strict rules, Jonathan and Coen however have their own ideas. Both have girlfriends, Marjan and Annemiek, who live in a very different world: the girls study at art school and mix with squatters. The boys do not tell their girlfriends about their background and they anxiously keep Marjan and Annemiek hidden from their own community. The friends lead a double life: they ring doorbells to distribute the Ontwaakt! and play in a band for the Jehovah's Witnesses, while they also visit ska concerts and squatters' bars and become increasingly caught up in the worldly life of Marjan and Annemiek.

The movie Uitgesloten, released in 2001, features 3 songs from artists like The Specials and Boter, Ska & Eieren. What is your favorite song from Uitgesloten?


Songs from Uitgesloten

A Message to You Rudy
The Specials
Gangster Movie
Boter, Ska & Eieren

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