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The Specials

The Specials (also known as The Special AKA) is an English “2 Tone” ska revival band formed in 1977 in Coventry, England. Their music combines a danceable ska beat with punk’s energy, underpinned by an informed political and social stance. The group was formed by songwriter/keyboardist Jerry Dammers, with Terry Hall (vocals), Lynval Golding (guitar, vocals) and a rhythm section featuring Horace Panter (bass) and John Bradbury (drums; born 16 February 1953, died 28 December 2015). Read more on

The Specials has 26 songs that have been featured in movies like 200 Cigarettes, A Room for Romeo Brass, Grosse Pointe Blank and Sex Lives of the Potato Men. What is your favorite song by The Specials?


Songs from The Specials

A Message to You Rudy
Concrete Jungle
Pressure Drop
Man at C and A
Too Much Too Young
Nite Klub
Simmer Down
Do The Dog
Rat Race
Monkey Man
Too Hot
Friday Night Saturday Morning
Man At C&A
Message To You Rudy
You're Wondering Now
Ghost Town
Do Nothing
Hey Little Rich Girl
Guns Of Navarone
Rude Boys Outta Jail
A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
A Message To You Rudy
Little Bitch
Rudy, a Message to You
It's You