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Occupation: Hollywood (2005)

Desperately trying to gain the attention of the notorious promoter known as MO (Marq Terral), D.J. Somers (Dayana Jamine) will do anything to become a professional model. After she meets Downtown Jay Brown, who claims to be connected, D.J. is convinced that she'll soon be represented by MO's prestigious agency. But the promoter's personal demons and cowering fear of television mogul Big Showtime threaten the aspiring beauty's quest for success.

The movie Occupation: Hollywood, released in 2005, features 16 songs from artists like Sky, D. Woods, X-Man ft. Q. Page & Asmeret and Legacy. What is your favorite song from Occupation: Hollywood?


Songs from Occupation: Hollywood

Occupation: Hollywood
Side 2 Side
D. Woods
MO Girls, MO Girls
X-Man ft. Q. Page & Asmeret
Tho It Up
I Like That
The Blacklight Family
We Can Do It
Ron Patterson
Good Times
Kurupt ft. Tri & Sky
A MO Girl Is..
X-Man ft. Cori "Roxie" Hicks & Keese
One Night Stand
The Blacklight Family
If Only
I'm Sorry
Catchin' Feelings
B. Rich
Access Hollywood
Make My Move
X-Man ft. Ron Patterson & Nisa Ward