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Billy Madison (1995)

Billy Madison is the 27 year-old son of Bryan Madison, a very rich man who has made his living in the hotel industry. Billy stands to inherit his father's empire, but only if he can make it through all 12 grades, 2 weeks per grade, to prove that he has what it takes to run the family business.

The movie Billy Madison, released in 1995, features 14 songs from artists like Electric Light Orchestra, Jackson 5, The Cars and Culture Club. What is your favorite song from Billy Madison?


Songs from Billy Madison

Telephone Line
Electric Light Orchestra
Jackson 5
I'm Not The One
The Cars
I'll Tumble 4 Ya
Culture Club
Beat On The Brat
The Stroke
Old John Braddelum
Sharon, Lois & Bram
Cheap Thrills
Flight 019
Think About The Pit
The Billy Madison Way
News Bites
Billy's Victory Song