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Joki (2001)

Episodic study of feelings where six stories intertwine over one Saturday in a small town. Two boys save a young woman, Anni, and her baby from suicide by drowning. Esa, a down-on-his-luck musician in need of a loan, arrives to his father's 60th birthday party. Waitress Leena tries to stir up a romance between her co-workers at a pizza parlor. Middle-aged Ilpo comes home early from the paper mill and finds a strange man in their bedroom. Old Milja waits for her daughter Merja at the hospital where she is visiting her terminally ill husband Henri. Teenage Santeri tries to cope with his homosexuality.

The movie Joki, released in 2001, features 7 songs from artists like Juha Kukkonen, Nylon Beat, Pienet Miehet and Hector. What is your favorite song from Joki?


Songs from Joki

Ihmisen ik?v? toisen luo
Juha Kukkonen
Nylon Beat
Pian unohdan
Pienet Miehet
Kaikki tahtoo rakastaa
Danny Boy
Ants in the Pants
Black Smith
Ants in the Pants
Botony Bay/Tell Me Ma
Final Result