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Nylon Beat

Nylon Beat (1995-2003) was a popular Finnish pop duo formed in Helsinki, consisting of Jonna Kosonen and Erin Koivisto (both born in 1977) . Their various hits, for example Viimeinen, Syytön and Anna Mulle, made them one of the most popular bands in Finland. After 8 years and 500 000 sold albums (8 gold and 7 platinum) they decided to quit because they wanted to try new challenges. Both have since gotten married and perform now solo by the names Jonna Geagea and Erin Anttila. Read more on

Nylon Beat has 7 songs that have been featured in movies like Eurovision laulukilpailu 1998 - Suomen karsinta, Eurovision laulukilpailu 2000 - Suomen karsinta, Joki and Min? ja Morrison. What is your favorite song by Nylon Beat?


Songs from Nylon Beat

Umm ma ma
Viha ja rakkaus
Love and Hate
Last in Line
12 apinaa

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