Songs from Movies

Hotel (2001)

A sex worker, a hired killer, and a movie crew cross paths in a Venice hotel where human meat is on the menu.

The movie Hotel, released in 2001, features 6 songs from artists like Max Beesley & Salma Hayek, Kscope (as K-Scope), Skin and Das Neue Orchester & Chorus Musicius. What is your favorite song from Hotel?


Songs from Hotel

Waltz #15 in A flat major ('Lullaby'), Op.39 (1865)
Charlee Boux (2001)
Max Beesley & Salma Hayek
Different Places (2001)
Kscope (as K-Scope)
Der Doppelg?nger (1828)
M?a Maestro
Matthaus-Passion (St. Matthew Passion) (1727)
Das Neue Orchester & Chorus Musicius