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Martin's Pink Pickle (2014)

When Martin and Suzanne drive into the big city for an abortion, fate conspires to strand them there for 24 hours. What began as an awkward errand, blossoms into a romantic adventure and two messed-up kids get a little closer to finding their way.

The movie Martin's Pink Pickle, released in 2014, features 6 songs from artists like Makeout Videotape, My Friend Wallis, Jon-Rae Fletcher and Foxes in Fiction. What is your favorite song from Martin's Pink Pickle?


Songs from Martin's Pink Pickle

Heat Wave
Makeout Videotape
My Friend Wallis
14 Years
Jon-Rae Fletcher
Flashing Lights Have Ended Now
Foxes in Fiction
Carry On
Hospital Ships
Slush Puppy Love
Makeout Videotape

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