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El palomo cojo (1995)

Little Felipe has been sick for a long time. To hasten his recovery, his parents send him to spend the summer of 1958 in the villa of his grandparents, located in the wealthy quarter of Cadiz. The warm climate of southern Spain is good for the boy, but the inhabitants of the great home may be a different story as all the relatives within are a tad strange. There Felipe meets his great-grandmother and her tough nurse Adoracion who patiently listens to grandmama's reminiscence's of the bandoleros who died for her. Felipe is not allowed to leave his bed, but his hours pass pleasantly thanks to the ministrations of the sexy Mari, a virgin, who loves to tease her four strapping aspiring lovers. As the summer progresses, Felipe interacts with all of his relatives and from their strange behavior finds himself learning an awful lot about life and love.

The movie El palomo cojo, released in 1995, features 15 songs from artists like Miguel R. Astudillo, Eduardo Acedo, Araceli Lavado and Trinidad Alcalde. What is your favorite song from El palomo cojo?


Songs from El palomo cojo

Los Espejos
La Noche del verano
Mi nocturno n? 1
Con poder?o
Miguel R. Astudillo
Sabor a m?
Eduardo Acedo
Eduardo Acedo
De cien dificultades
Araceli Lavado
Trinidad Alcalde
Che gelida manina
Jos? Manuel Men?ndez
Marcha funebre
Banda M?sica Juli?n Cebri?n
Plaisir d'amour
Andrea Bronston
Gloria de Jes?s

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