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My Brother's War (2005)

Civil War drama directed by Whitney Hamilton. Grace Kieler disguises herself as a man and takes her brother's place in the Confederate army in an effort to protect him from the horrors of the war. When she meets young war widow Virginia Klaising (Dana Bennison), the two form a bond that may get complicated once Grace reveals her true identity. My Brother's War is based on Hamilton's novel

The movie My Brother's War, released in 2005, features 9 songs from artists like Kim Taylor, Sarah Hawker and Riley Baugus, Susan McKeown and Kieran McGee. What is your favorite song from My Brother's War?


Songs from My Brother's War

No More War
Kim Taylor
Every Sound Below
Tender Moments
Sing To Me O'Heav'n
Sarah Hawker and Riley Baugus
After the Battke
Susan McKeown
Branches and Stone
Susan McKeown
Hard Times Come Again Noi More
Kieran McGee
A Good Man
Kim Taylor