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Chillers (1987)

While waiting for their bus five passengers who have all just had horrible nightmares decide to tell them to each other to help kill time. A swimmer, who has lessons in a swimming pool with a dead swimmer, tells the first one. A young boy, who goes camping with two friends and has a crazy man as a leader, is next. Then a lonely woman, who has an infatuation with the anchor of a late night show, and finds that he is indeed a vampire. A young man, who finds he has the gift of bringing dead people back to life, brings a cold blood criminal back to life. Last, a skeptic professor of anthropology tells to his students about an evil native Mexican creature from the Middle Ages called "Ixpe", and a young woman embodies it. When the bus finally arrives they get a huge surprise.

The movie Chillers, released in 1987, features 13 songs from artists like Big Money, The Swenney Band, Brian Diller and The Ride and Stark Raven. What is your favorite song from Chillers?


Songs from Chillers

One of a Kind
Big Money
Big Money
Sorrow is for Broken Hearts
The Swenney Band
Brian Diller and The Ride
Riding on a Wave
Stark Raven
Another Day
Blue Million
Sit Beside My Jesus
The Acord Family
The Falling
Sakayta, Roger Bush, and Julie Adams
Always There
The Acord Family
Black Sheets, White Stains
The Molls
Never, Never
The Fabulous Twister Sisters

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