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God Bless America (2011)

Fed up with the cruelty and stupidity of American culture, an unlikely duo goes on a killing spree, killing reality TV stars, bigots and others they find repugnant.

The movie God Bless America, released in 2011, features 25 songs from artists like Alice Cooper, Betty Hutton, The Kinks and Rosemary Clooney. What is your favorite song from God Bless America?


Songs from God Bless America

Beat the Devil's Tattoo
School's Out
Alice Cooper
It's Oh So Quiet!
Betty Hutton
I'm Not Like Everybody Else
The Kinks
Hello Hooray
Alice Cooper
Let's Get Away from It All
Rosemary Clooney
Missing Mountains
Lost River/Old River
I Never Cry
Alice Cooper
Brahm's Lullaby (Cradle Song)
Aram Mandossian
Put Your Hands In My Air
Andy Paley and Aris Alvarado
American Superstarz Theme
Rise and Shine America Theme
Franks Theme
Matt Kollar and Lauren Kushin
Yikky's Teenage Party
Matt Kollar
Bloody Drive-Through Music
Frank and Roxy on the Road
Roxy's Thrift Store Blues
Frank and Roxy's Theme
Graves of My-Lai Theme
Killing Bears (Franks Theme)
Luis Villarreal, Lauren Kushin and Matt Kollar
Balloon Roulette
AK-47 for New Yorkers
Roxy's Theme (Coffee Shop Music)
Theme from Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To)
Diana Ross

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