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Witches Blood (2014)

Mary Horror is back! She has her spell book and is ready to wreck havoc on the small town of Bernardsville. She needs the Witches blood of the four witches who created the spell book to make it her own once again. Sheriff Tom will do anything to stop her from destroying everything in her path and to get the book back in his hands. Third times a charm in the ultimate showdown between Sheriff Tom and Mary Horror in WITCHES BLOOD!

The movie Witches Blood, released in 2014, features 8 songs from artists like The Dead Elvi, Ingrid and The Defectors, Tom Chizan and Stelladeora. What is your favorite song from Witches Blood?


Songs from Witches Blood

Club Foot
The Dead Elvi
Tommy Gun
Ingrid and The Defectors
Pretty Dead
The Dead Elvi
Surf Zombies
Tom Chizan
The Droogettes
Summoning the Dead
Brian Blew It
Lonely Crowd
Dead See Life