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Stereolab are a UK-based band whose style, mixing 1950s–1960s pop and lounge music with the “motorik” beat of krautrock, was one of the first to which the term “post-rock” was applied. People frequently refer to their style as being "avant-pop." They are noted for the use of vintage keyboard instruments like Moog synthesizers and Vox and Farfisa organs. Stereolab is also notable for founding their own record label, Duophonic Records, with a grant from UK charity The Prince’s Trust. Read more on

Stereolab has 4 songs that have been featured in movies like Gojira: Fainaru u?zu, High Fidelity, Moog and Morvern Callar. What is your favorite song by Stereolab?


Songs from Stereolab

Godzilla Theme
Lo Boob Oscillator
Variation One
Blue Milk

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