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Slacker 2011 (2011)

Richard Linklater's SLACKER inspired a generation of American filmmakers by exploring the subculture of Austin, Texas in a loose narrative with a tapestry of quirky characters. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of that iconic movie, 24 of Austin's top filmmakers banded together to update SLACKER with their own perspectives on the city.

The movie Slacker 2011, released in 2011, features 21 songs from artists like Minor Mishap Marching Band, Iron Age, BFE and Pong. What is your favorite song from Slacker 2011?


Songs from Slacker 2011

Track Suit
Minor Mishap Marching Band
The Sleeping Eye Of The Watcher
Iron Age
High On The Hog
Helping Hand
Black Eyed Vermillion
Mirror Maps
Why Say Don't
Bad Sports
Joan of Arc
Chris Catalena
Charlie Hurtin & the Hecklers
Colossus of Lodes
Resistance Ensemble
Uncle's Blood
The Octopus Project
Drop The Book Anarchist
Decision Making Processes
The Goin Along Feelin Just Fines
Foe By Foe...J Why J?
Reboot Billy
Reboot Billy
The Iron Fist Of Stalin
Invincible Czars
Stranger In A Strange Land
DD Dagger
You Don't Need The Wine
Eddie Cantor
Up Mt. Bonnell

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