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Tatuaje (1999)

On a beach in Barcelona appears the body of a young man, his face eaten by fish, who has tattooed on his arm the phrase: "I was born to revolutionize the hell." So begins a strange enigma. To begin we must find a name to this dead, find their identity. This is the charge receiving Pepe Carvalho detective Galician, former CIA agent and vocational skeptical, which does not prevent you from enjoying and savoring the pleasures of good food and good bed. Among the Barcelona underworld and the streets and canals of Amsterdam, Carvalho soon gives the answer.

The movie Tatuaje, released in 1999, features 12 songs from artists like Rosario Flores, Ana Belen, Malu and Antonio Vega. What is your favorite song from Tatuaje?


Songs from Tatuaje

Te lo juro yo
Rosario Flores
Ana Belen
A tu vera
?Ay pena, penita, pena!
Antonio Vega
Y sin embargo te quiero
Marta S?nchez
?Ay, Maricruz!
Javier ?lvarez
Ojos verdes
Antonio Carmona
Mar?a de la O
Cristina Del Valle
Consolaci?n la de Utrera
Navajita Plate?
La Parrala
Victor Manuel
Con el alma en los labios
Enrique Bunbury
La falsa monea
Luis Eduardo Aute

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