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Alone with Her (2006)

The harrowing story of a disturbed young man's attempts to win the affections of an unsuspecting young woman. When Doug first sees Amy, he instantly falls for her and begins to watch her every move, going so far as to set up spy cameras in her apartment. However, as his fascination grows into obsession he's no longer satisfied with just watching.

The movie Alone with Her, released in 2006, features 18 songs from artists like Layton, Now It's Overhead, Duchess Says and Nicole Simone. What is your favorite song from Alone with Her?


Songs from Alone with Her

Confusing Love
Skeleton On Display
Now It's Overhead
Now It's Overhead
Black Flag
Duchess Says
The Parade
Nicole Simone
5? Minute Hallway
A Cricket In Times Square
Blackout Curtain
Now It's Overhead
Wonderful Scar
Now It's Overhead
A Little Secret
Bark Psychosis
Nature Song
Maria Taylor
Dirty South
Orenda Fink
Blood Line
Orenda Fink
Leap Year
Maria Taylor
Song Beneath The Song
Maria Taylor
How Things Burn
Nicole Simone
This Is An Introduction
Broken Spindles
Sympathy Crime
Black Heart Procession

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