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G.W.B. (2011)

Near the shadow of the George Washington Bridge, a young Dominican teenager is hunted by a drug kingpin as his older brother must fight for both their survival over the course of a day in their Washington Heights neighborhood of New York.

The movie G.W.B., released in 2011, features 15 songs from artists like Los Hermanos Colon, Jay C. ft. Merilyn G., Mirror Image and Integraxion ft. Joan Metz. What is your favorite song from G.W.B.?


Songs from G.W.B.

A New Day
Rayniel Rufino ,Julio Cesar P?rez & Laura Orozco
Coffee Grind
Sabre Olvidar
Los Hermanos Colon
Ven A Bailar In The City
Jay C. ft. Merilyn G.
Mirror Image
Amor De Calicatura
Integraxion ft. Joan Metz
Pobre Perro
Integraxion ft. Joan Metz
Puff Puff Pass
Rayniel Rufino , Julio Cesar Perez and Jonathan Ullman
Writing on the Wall
In Between My Dreams
Integraxion ft. Melanie Charles & LiKWUid
Beat Shop Talkers
The Spanish Road
Street Soldiers March
Salio El Sol

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