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Radio Free Steve (2000)

A post-apocalyptic 1980s vision of the future.

The movie Radio Free Steve, released in 2000, features 16 songs from artists like Friends of Dean Martinez, Viper Horse, Trans Am and Knodel. What is your favorite song from Radio Free Steve?


Songs from Radio Free Steve

Pearl Necklace (2000)
Friends of Dean Martinez
Gaylords (2000)
Viper Horse
Futureworld (1999)
Trans Am
o.f.r. (1999)
Broken Wings (1985)
Mr. Mister
Westbound and Down (1986)
Love You, Schizo Sickie (1999)
The Prima Donnas
Hot White Knights (2000)
Jon Nikki
Clouds (1999)
Cibo Matto
Smokes Quantity (1999)
Boards of Canada
Overwhelming Emotion (2000)
Brown Wh?renet
Robot Finger (2000)
Brown Wh?renet
Dale Bozzio (1994)
The Fvcking C4am95
Breakman Burning (2000)
DJ Trey Lopez and DJ Resinthol
Elevation (2000)
DJ Faust
Multiple Object Selector II. (2000)
Mark De Gli Antoni

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