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There a multiple artists with the name Spindrift: 1) Spindrift is an underground psychedelic goa trance project by Leo Bergman from Sweden. Leo started experimenting with synthesizers and electronic music gear in the late 80's and back then began to produce his first electronic soundscapes. His initial release was as a member of the project Exotonic on "Destination Goa 2" with the track 'Creative Alternative'. Since then Leo has been involved in various underground projects Read more on

Spindrift has 11 songs that have been featured in movies like Hell Ride, Water Wings, Dark Mountain and Dust Up. What is your favorite song by Spindrift?


Songs from Spindrift

Indian Run
If You Don't Like It (Get The Fuck Out)
Red Reflection
Isle of Lost Souls'
Hellbound (Theme from Dust Up)
Goin' Down
When I Was Free
Space Jazz
Ace Coltrane
Inhuman Behavior

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