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Extinction (2012)

A cataclysmic impact on the moon signals the beginning of the end for mankind as a vampire apocalypse sweeps across Earth. Four strangers are thrown together in a desperate attempt to stay alive as vampires and their human henchmen try to murder the world. The newly turned vampire Michael and the "Renfields" are but the tip of the spear as The Four Horsemen and Satan himself seek to rule the world. Directed by Indie horror mainstay John Vincent for Evil Genius Entertainment, VAMPIRELAND is a special effects thrill-ride filled with goons, guns, guts, and gore. Written by jdv (

The movie Extinction, released in 2012, features 8 songs from artists like Type 14, Nicole Sjoberg, Shaolin Temple Of Boom and Remstarr. What is your favorite song from Extinction?


Songs from Extinction

Type 14
I Am
Nicole Sjoberg
The End of Reason
Shaolin Temple Of Boom
Shaolin Temple Of Boom
Into Nothing
Shaolin Temple Of Boom
Shaolin Temple Of Boom
Type 14
Break of Extinction

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