Songs from Movies

Yankee Doodle

The song Yankee Doodle, was featured in movies like A Great Big Bunch of You, A Hound for Trouble, A Sunbonnet Blue and A Yank at Oxford. What Movie makes the best use of Yankee Doodle in it's soundtrack?

Yankee Doodle was featured in the following movies:

A Great Big Bunch of You
A Hound for Trouble
A Sunbonnet Blue
A Yank at Oxford
Allegheny Uprising
An Indecent Obsession
Another Froggy Evening
Between the Lines
Big Jim McLain
Boom Boom
Bosko the Doughboy
Bosko the Speed King
Bosko's Mechanical Man
Boyhood Daze
Brother Can You Spare a Dime
Buddy in Africa
By Word of Mouse
Calling All Girls
Carmen Get It!
Chariots of Fire
Circus World
Cross Country Detours
December 7th
Detouring America
Dog Gone South
Draftee Daffy
Easy Peckin's
Eatin' on the Cuff or The Moth Who Came to Dinner
Falling Hare
Fighter Squadron
First Lady
Footlight Parade
From A to Z-Z-Z-Z
George Washington Slept Here
Golden Girl
Goofy Groceries
Hare Trigger
Hare We Go
He Was Her Man
Heaven Can Wait
His Bitter Half
Holiday Highlights
I Love a Parade
It's Got Me Again!
Jerry and Jumbo
Jim Thorpe -- All-American
Jungle Rhythm
Kristopher Kolumbus Jr.
Let Freedom Ring
Little Runaway
Living in a Big Way
Love Is Better Than Ever
Mad as a Mars Hare
Man with a Plan
March On, America!
Marry the Girl
Meatless Flyday
Meet Me in St. Louis
Mickey's Circus
Mickey's Service Station
Mountain Rhythm
Movieland Magic
Mr. Bill Goes to Washington
My Grandfather's Clock
Napoleon Bunny-Part
Nicholas and Alexandra
Now Hear This
Nutty News
Ode to Victory
Of Human Hearts
Old Glory
One Foot in Heaven
One, Two, Three
Operator 13
Pilgrim Porky
Plane Crazy
Porky's Hare Hunt
Rookie Revue
Roughly Speaking
Scaredy Cat
Scrap Happy Daffy
Sergeant York
Service with the Colors
So You Want to Be a Gambler
So You Want to Be in Politics
Sons of Liberty
Sorrowful Jones
Southern Fried Rabbit
Target Snafu
The Big Shot
The Buccaneer
The Cagey Canary
The FBI Story
The Good Egg
The Leghorn Blows at Midnight
The Lost Squadron
The Lyin' Mouse
The Man Without a Country
The Milky Way
The Old Maid
The Opry House
The Other Sister
The Plainsman
The Story of Alexander Graham Bell
The Weakly Reporter
Trouble Along the Way
Two Guys from Texas
Wacky Blackout
Wacky Wildlife
What's Cookin' Doc?
When Tomorrow Comes
Where Do We Go from Here?
Yankee Dood It
Yankee Doodle Bugs
Yankee Doodle Daffy
Young Mr. Lincoln
Barney: A Very Merry Christmas: The movie (V)
When the Game Stands Tall