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The Song of the Marines

The song The Song of the Marines, was featured in movies like 14 Carrot Rabbit, A Star Is Hatched, Cats A-Weigh! and Ceiling Hero. What Movie makes the best use of The Song of the Marines in it's soundtrack?

The Song of the Marines was featured in the following movies:

14 Carrot Rabbit
A Star Is Hatched
Cats A-Weigh!
Ceiling Hero
Conrad the Sailor
Duck Amuck
Kristopher Kolumbus Jr.
Land of the Midnight Fun
March On, Marines
No Barking
Of Thee I Sting
Pilgrim Porky
Porky the Gob
Porky's Garden
Quack Shot
Snow Business
Speaking of the Weather
The Isle of Pingo Pongo
The United States Merchant Marine Cadet Corps Band
Toot Sweet
What Price Porky
White Mile