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(Aretha Franklin)

The song Respect, performed by Aretha Franklin, was featured in movies like Back to School, Bicentennial Man, Blues Brothers 2000 and Bridget Jones's Diary. What Movie makes the best use of Respect in it's soundtrack?

Respect was featured in the following movies:

Back to School
Bicentennial Man
Blues Brothers 2000
Bridget Jones's Diary
Desperately Seeking Susan
Forrest Gump
Get Real
More American Graffiti
Mystic Pizza
Rover Dangerfield
St. Elmo's Fire
Streets of Gold
That Darn Cat
The Allnighter
The Powder Room
Trial and Error
Two Weeks Notice
Women in Rock
Die Schlikkerfrauen
Madea's Witness Protection
Muscle Shoals

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