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Chicken Reel

The song Chicken Reel, was featured in movies like A Broken Leghorn, A Feud There Was, A Fox in a Fix and All Fowled Up. What Movie makes the best use of Chicken Reel in it's soundtrack?

Chicken Reel was featured in the following movies:

A Broken Leghorn
A Feud There Was
A Fox in a Fix
All Fowled Up
An Egg Scramble
Another Froggy Evening
Barney Bear's Victory Garden
Belles on Their Toes
Birdy and the Beast
Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys
Captain January
Cat's Paw
Chicken Jitters
Curtain Razor
Dog Daze
Double Chaser
Easy Peckin's
Farm of Tomorrow
Feud with a Dude
Forward March Hare
Fowl Weather
Fresh Fish
Golden Yeggs
Goofy Groceries
Henpecked Hoboes
Hollywood Varieties
Hot Cross Bunny
Land of the Midnight Fun
Lovelorn Leghorn
Meet John Doughboy
Mother Was a Rooster
Mr. Dodd Takes the Air
Nine O'Clock Folks
Of Rice and Hen
Plop Goes the Weasel
Porky's Bear Facts
Porky's Garden
Porky's Hotel
Porky's Spring Planting
Poultry Pirates
Pullet Surprise
Pure Feud
Sinkin' in the Bathtub
Slap Happy Pappy
Strangled Eggs
Strife with Father
Swooner Crooner
The Big Snooze
The Bride Came C.O.D.
The Camera Speaks
The EGGcited Rooster
The Eyes Have It
The Foghorn Leghorn
The Great American Pie Company
The Great Lie
The Home Front
The Mice Will Play
The Mouse-Merized Cat
The Old Pioneer
The Prize Pest
The Rattled Rooster
The Slick Chick
The Sour Puss
The Squawkin' Hawk
Tweet and Sour
Unnatural History
Walky Talky Hawky
What Price Porky
Wild and Woolfy
You Can't Cheat an Honest Man
You Were Never Duckier

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