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Battle Hymn of the Republic

The song Battle Hymn of the Republic, was featured in movies like 13 Fighting Men, Annie Oakley, Anytown, USA and Breakfast with Hunter. What Movie makes the best use of Battle Hymn of the Republic in it's soundtrack?

Battle Hymn of the Republic was featured in the following movies:

13 Fighting Men
Annie Oakley
Anytown, USA
Breakfast with Hunter
Cease Fire!
Crisis: Behind a Presidential Commitment
Dark Command
December 7th
Flying Tigers
Headin' for God's Country
Hollywood Varieties
Mangiati vivi!
Of Human Hearts
Operator 13
The Manchurian Candidate
The Oregon Trail
The Other Sister
The Prisoner of Shark Island
The Right Stuff
They Died with Their Boots On
They Won't Forget
Tiny Toons' Night Ghoulery
Two Flags West
Western Gold
Wild Bill
Young Mr. Lincoln
The Lone Ranger

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