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Zombie Prom (2006)

Zombie Prom is a 1950s horror comic book brought to life as a musical comedy film. It is a campy, rollicking, romp through America's "Atomic Age" and the "Golden Age" of horror comic books. Here's the story... Set in the fabulous '50s, this is the tale of a sweet teenage girl named, TOFFEE (a Gidget-type) and her "rebel without a cause" boyfriend, JONNY. The two meet at Enrico Fermi High School and fall in love, but the principal, MISS DELILAH STRICT (Stalin in pumps and a dress!) intervenes, persuading the indecisive young Toffee to break up with Jonny. Tortured by the betrayal, Jonny drives his motorcycle to the nearby Francis Gary Powers Nuclear Power Plant and flings himself into a nuclear cooling tower! But then he returns as a teenage nuclear zombie

The movie Zombie Prom, released in 2006, features 7 songs from artists like The Company, Candice Nicole and Darren Robertson, Darren Robertson and Company and Candice Nicole, April Malina, Katy Mixon, Katherine Von Till. What is your favorite song from Zombie Prom?


Songs from Zombie Prom

Enrico Fermi High
The Company
Magic Surrounds Us
Candice Nicole and Darren Robertson
Blast from the Past
Darren Robertson and Company
How Can I Say (Goodbye To Love)?
Darren Robertson and Company
Easy To Say
Candice Nicole, April Malina, Katy Mixon, Katherine Von Till
Zombie Prom Finale
The Company
Jonny Don't Go (To the Nuclear Plant) End Credits
RuPaul and Company

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