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Wirey Spindell (2000)

On the eve of his wedding, a Manhattanite takes a whimsical look back at his formative years and sexuality.

The movie Wirey Spindell, released in 2000, features 13 songs from artists like Amanda Kravat, Crown Jewels and Amanda Kravat and Crown Jewels. What is your favorite song from Wirey Spindell?


Songs from Wirey Spindell

Right on Time
Something's Always Better Than Nothing
Amanda Kravat
Deep, Dark, and Deadly
Fraulein (Losing You In Pieces)
For the Wrong Reasons
Amanda Kravat
Love Me Like You Know Me
Amanda Kravat
Lovers On Earth
Crown Jewels
Money Don't Help
Crown Jewels
Beautifully Complicated
Amanda Kravat and Crown Jewels
If You See Kay
One More Day
Rotten Moon
Amanda Kravat and Crown Jewels

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