Songs from Movies

Warner at War (2008)

Warner Bros. uses the movies to prepare the US for war and keep up morale on the home front during World War II.

The movie Warner at War, released in 2008, features 15 songs from artists like orchestra, orchestra, as background music, female chorus and chorus. What is your favorite song from Warner at War?


Songs from Warner at War

Over There
Remember My Forgotten Man
Any Bonds Today?
You're A Grand Old Flag
Oh, How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning
The Yankee Doodle Boy
Forty-Second Street
The Stars And Stripes Forever
Yankee Doodle
Eternal Father, Strong to Save
orchestra, as background music
The Star-Spangled Banner
female chorus
You're In the Army Now
Hooray for Hollywood
This Is The Army, Mr Jones
That's What the Well-Dressed Man in Harlem Will Wear
James Cross and unidentified tap partner