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Vulgar (2000)

Vulgar is about a man who is a children's clown but has not been getting much luck lately. He lives in a cheap apartment which he can't even afford. Bums are constantly sleeping in his run down car and crashing on his lawn. He has a nagging mother who lives in a nursing home, and his best friend is a moocher. One day he comes up with the idea to become a bachelor clown.

The movie Vulgar, released in 2000, features 13 songs from artists like the Pinecones, The Hillwashers, The Ribeye Brothers and Love Among Freaks. What is your favorite song from Vulgar?


Songs from Vulgar

the Pinecones
Tiki Tiki
Peg o' My Heart
The Hillwashers
The Ribeye Brothers
Mack Daddy
If I Had A Horse
The Ribeye Brothers
Chi Chi Cha Cha
California Blues
The Hillwashers
Bad Situation
Love Among Freaks
Drinkin' And Stinkin'
The Ribeye Brothers
Flappy Song
Flappy Hardcore