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Vorstadtkrokodile (2009)

Ten-year-old Hannes, growing up with his young, poor and single mother wants to join the coolest gang in the area, the Vorstadtkrokodile. When the ‘entry test’ goes wrong, Hannes’s life is saved by Kai, who is desperate to join too but is wheelchair bound and unable to even run away when things get hot. Hannes would accept Kai but the other gang members don’t seem happy to accept a handicapped member. Finally Kai has something to offer. One night a shop is robbed and Kai sees the robbers with his telescope. This is his chance to give some important information to the Crocodiles who want to catch the robbers and gain the € 1000 reward. The Crocodiles and their new member will embark on a big and dangerous adventure.

The movie Vorstadtkrokodile, released in 2009, features 18 songs from artists like Apollo 3, Helen Love, Killerpilze and K*Rings Brothers. What is your favorite song from Vorstadtkrokodile?


Songs from Vorstadtkrokodile

Superhelden (Optimus RMX 3typen)
Apollo 3
Apollo 3
Debbie Loves Joey
Helen Love
Der Moment
Apollo 3
Amada Mia, Amore Mio
K*Rings Brothers
Slow Food
Arling & Cameron
We Will Grow
Vanessa Petruo
Dschungel aus Beton
K*Rings Brothers
Amada Mia, Amore Mio
El Pasador
Die Mutprobe
Der Einbruch
Die Ziegelei
Die Krokodile in Aktion
Die Nacht der Entscheidung
Freunde f?r immer
Vorstadtkrokodile Thema
Dennis, Kevin und Achmed kommen an

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