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Virtual Sexuality (1999)

Desperate to find her perfect man Justine goes to a technology fair with her nerdy classmate Chas. It's not really her thing but is eventually persuaded to try a virtual reality makeover machine and discovers that she can create her perfect man even if it is only an electronic facsimile. The power surge from a freakish accident causes a part of her psyche to be copied into her virtual perfect man.

The movie Virtual Sexuality, released in 1999, features 22 songs from artists like All Saints, Imani Coppola, Kulay and K7. What is your favorite song from Virtual Sexuality?


Songs from Virtual Sexuality

Lady Marmalade
All Saints
Legend of a Cowgirl
Imani Coppola
Sunshine Superman
Human Touch
Someone Like You
Private Dancer
Come Baby Come
This Life
Karma and The Blizzard
Imani Coppola
Come Here Boy
Piano Concerto No 21
Live and Learn
The Gutter Brothers
No No No (Part 1)
Destiny's Child
Still Waiting
The Gutter Brothers
Would You
Touch & Go
I Am A Tree
The Doors
Something For Me
Show On A Hot Day
Basement Jaxx