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Vidas en vivo (2008)

After thirteen years of musical career, Pedro Guerra takes a live album and gives us this special edition where besides the disc and the DVD of the concert, we have a book that tells stories as arrival at Madrid with Luis Pastor or as Ana Belen and Victor Manuel asked in his day a song that has now become an indispensable classic when talking about this artistic couple: the song "Contaminate" is entitled

The movie Vidas en vivo, released in 2008, features 21 songs from artists like Pedro Guerra and Ismael Serrano, Pedro Guerra and Bebe and Pedro Guerra and Luis Pastor. What is your favorite song from Vidas en vivo?


Songs from Vidas en vivo

Quisiera saber
Siete puertas
Gente sola
El pescador
Los mejores
Pedro Guerra and Ismael Serrano
Casas antiguas
El marido de la peluquera
Pedro Guerra and Bebe
Se enamor? de un r?o
Debajo del puente
5.000 a?os
Pedro Guerra and Quique Gonz?lez
?ngel ca?do
Pedro Guerra and Luis Pastor
Mujer que no tendr?
Pedro Guerra and Miguel R?os
Cuando Pedro lleg?

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