Songs from Movies

Trollywood (2004)

Trollywood originally started as a series of still photograps. In Los Angeles, Farley became fascinated by the phenomenon of homelessness. In particular, she dealt with trolleys: mobile homes for some, a cart for shopping for others. During her photography work, she got in contact with the owners of the trolleys, and considered writing a book about the phenomenon. In the end, she decided to make a movie.

The movie Trollywood, released in 2004, features 18 songs from artists like John Cale, Goldfrapp, TV Mania and Son of Dave. What is your favorite song from Trollywood?


Songs from Trollywood

Ave Maria
You Know More Than I Know
John Cale
Grab The Sun
TV Mania
People Know Your Name
TV Mania
I Wanna Make Films
TV Mania
What's The Future
TV Mania
Yoghurt And Fake Tan
TV Mania
What About God
TV Mania
Son of Dave
I Can't Get With That
Fun Lovin Criminals
Pale Blue Eyes
Lou Reed
Sunday Morning
The Velvet Underground
Mad World
Jess Bailey and Jamie Page-Croft
Uncle Sam Needs You My Friend
Sly Stone
Felt Mountain
The World Is Coming To My Party
Cody Chesnutt
Drive By
Duran Duran