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Trippin' (2011)

A group of three friends head to a cabin in the woods for the weekend. On their way they discover an arm in the road, blood coming from something wrapped in the back of a truck, and other strange things that unfold before their eyes. They plan on a weekend of partying, boozing, drugs and sex. Of course there is a campfire tale of a killer in the woods, the kids get split up, and the blood starts to flow.

The movie Trippin', released in 2011, features 20 songs from artists like Better Zed Than Dead, The Rainman Suite, The Secretions and Spider's Sideshow. What is your favorite song from Trippin'?


Songs from Trippin'

Without You
Green Shit
Better Zed Than Dead
Heavy Medication
The Rainman Suite
Teenage Zombies
The Rainman Suite
Back in the Day Punk
The Secretions
That Kind of Girl
The Secretions
The Cowboy Song
Spider's Sideshow
Walking Dead
Holly's Tits
Lovin' Irony
Better Zed Than Dead
Keep the Pabst Cold
The Evil Dead
Opiate Lullaby
Dancing on My Bed
Wake Up
Joseph Nadeau
Lost Generation

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