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To Die For (1988)

L.A. real estate agent Kate Wooten gets a new lease on life when she learns that her new client, a mysterious and handsome man named Vlad, is looking for a house isolated in the Hollywood Hills where he wants to live and doesn't want to be disturbed. It doesn't take long for Kate to fall in love with her new client and to learn that he's a real vampire.

The movie To Die For, released in 1988, features 8 songs from artists like Alexa Anastasia, Peter Byrnes, L. Garrett and Paul Sabu. What is your favorite song from To Die For?


Songs from To Die For

Where Are You
Alexa Anastasia
Can't Let Go
Peter Byrnes
Torn and Tattered
L. Garrett
Paul Sabu
Dancing Doll
Peter Van Name
For You I'd Die
Alexa Anastasia
It's You Who Said It
Billy Trudel
The Stablizers

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