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Threat (2006)

Jim, a white straightedge punk with a violent past, and Fred, a young black hip-hop revolutionary struggling to raise a son, spend their lunch breaks at St. Mark’s Comix together. Overwhelmed by the violence that surrounds them, the two form a friendship despite the fact that they come from different worlds. Jim's friends, a crew of noble but misguided kids, learn that a friend was killed by a drunk driver. In their rage and frustration, they form a gang called One Less Drunk, intent on stopping drunk drivers before they get to their cars.

The movie Threat, released in 2006, features 40 songs from artists like King David. What is your favorite song from Threat?


Songs from Threat

Start The Riot
Into The Death
Get Up While You Can
You Can't Hold Us Back
Sick To Death
Fuck all
Sick To Death (remix)
Waves Of Disaster
King David
Great Red Shift
One Hell Of A Prize Fighter
Love Lost In A Hale Of Gunfire
Number Seven With A Bullet
Secret Surrounding The Glass Eye
Cataini 1
Cataini 2
Common Enemy
Squeeze The Trigger
Silence and Burning Ice
Metall Dub
Low On Ice
37.2 Pt 1
Black Light Rituals
One Two
Wanna Peel
Slow Distractions
Time Sinks In
Interstate Artery At 5pm
Herbie Hancock
Am I A Threat
I Am The Threat