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They're Off (1936)

At the race track, various spectators (all Goofy lookalikes) are playing the ponies. A posh rich Goofy bets on the equally posh Snapshot III while another more common looking Goofy bets on the bedraggled Old Moe. When the race begins, Snapshot and the rider are so overconfident they wait a few minutes after the race has begun to start running. When they finally do get going, Snapshot is not above stooping to dirty tricks such as tripping and biting the other horses. Sadly, Snapshot's vanity is what costs him winning the race (he stops to pose for the photo finish) and Old Moe is declared the winner.

The movie They're Off, released in 1936, features 9 songs from artists like The Yacht Club Boys. What is your favorite song from They're Off?


Songs from They're Off

Mr. and Mrs. Is the Name
If You Don't Want to Be Sweethearts
They're Off
Trumpet Call
There's One Thing We Know That's Horses
The Yacht Club Boys
Honest to Goodness
It's in the Blood
The Yacht Club Boys
The Customer Is Always Right
The Yacht Club Boys