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The Vals (1982)

Sam, Trish, Beth, and Annie are four Valley Girls bored with shopping and frat parties. They come across kind Mr. Stanton, who is running a home for orphaned boys. Mr. Stanton and his charges are in danger of being evicted from their home if they don't come up with the rent money that is due, and one of the boys has taken to selling drugs for a couple of sleazy dealers. When Trish's prized "TUBUL R" Mercedes convertible is lost in a bet in which their Beverly Hills rivals have cheated, mayhem ensues as the Vals, with the help of their frat boy boyfriends, save Mr. Stanton and his boys from being evicted, give the drug dealers their just desserts, and exact revenge on the Beverly Hills brats in a rematch.

The movie The Vals, released in 1982, features 14 songs from artists like Daphna Edwards , Roger Taylor and Melanie Rae Forst, Annine, Daphna Edwards and Don Cromwell and Daphna Edwards and Unicorn Gang. What is your favorite song from The Vals?


Songs from The Vals

Girls in the Valley
Let's Go Shopping
Love Is a Party
Daphna Edwards , Roger Taylor and Melanie Rae Forst
How Can I Make You Smile?
Falling in Love with Love
Hold On
Tighter Than Tight
Keep Rolling the Dice
Daphna Edwards and Don Cromwell
Loveless City
Move On
Daphna Edwards and Unicorn Gang
Coconut City
Cold Love
Smooth Talking
Wet Picnic
Fight Hard

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