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The Thin Green Line (2007)

An examination of the extinction threat faced by frogs, which have hopped on Earth for some 250 million years and are a crucial cog in the ecosystem. Scientists believe they've pinpointed a cause for the loss of many of the amphibians: the chytrid fungus, which flourishes in high altitudes. Unfortunately, they don't know how to combat it. Included: an isolated forest in Panama that has yet to be touched by the fungus, thus enabling frogs to live and thrive as they have for eons.

The movie The Thin Green Line, released in 2007, features 10 songs from artists like Huey McEvoy, Xavier Rudd, John Butler and Blue King Brown. What is your favorite song from The Thin Green Line?


Songs from The Thin Green Line

The Front Line
Huey McEvoy
Conceal Me
Xavier Rudd
Treat Yo Mamma
John Butler
Stand Up
Blue King Brown
Someday You Will Fly
Cousin Leonard
Sun Sun
Paul Dillon
La Fuente
Nico Ball
Seeking Shelter
James Haselwood
Has Anyone Seen The Rain
Josh Owen
Take Rye Back Beach