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The Pit (1996)

Seven students answer an advertisement to participate in an experiment to explore how the sensation of pain can be eliminated. Arriving at a secluded institute, they are welcomed by mysterious scientist JB Divay. Initially, JB's fascination with hypnosis, clocks and cactus plants are dismissed by the group as mere eccentricities. But as the students begin to disappear one by one, they begin to question JB's true intentions.

The movie The Pit, released in 1996, features 8 songs from artists like Core Chaotic, Nonpoint Factor, Jack Off Jill and Radio Baghdad. What is your favorite song from The Pit?


Songs from The Pit

Core Chaotic
Core Chaotic
Take Me
Nonpoint Factor
120 Days
Don't Wake The Baby
Jack Off Jill
17 Times
Dick Dog
Radio Baghdad

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