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The Neighbor (2007)

A businessman watches as his life begins to unravel after learning his ex-wife is going to marry his best friend. A distracting battle of wills with a real estate developer, however, might just be the thing that turns his life around.

The movie The Neighbor, released in 2007, features 23 songs from artists like Malise, Erika Jayne, Peter Rafelson and Yvette Sandoval. What is your favorite song from The Neighbor?


Songs from The Neighbor

Starlight Serenade
Dream Maker, Heart Breaker
Congo for Castro
Bazaar Sitar
Cute & Hefty
You Cast a Bone
Dance Floor Shakedown
Vegas Combo
Tenor Is What I Need
Come See Me Tonight (Bossa)
Star Swings The Moon
Like Alcohol (A Hole The Size of Part 2)
The Song of Shine and Shame
Separate Ways
Panic and the Should Attacks
I Lose Myself
Erika Jayne
Just Let Go
Peter Rafelson
Let Go
Yvette Sandoval
This Is My Life
Just a Phaze
Erika Jayne
Stronger Than Steel
Terri Nunn
Rafe's Tango
Peter Rafelson

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