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The Master of Disguise (2002)

A sweet-natured Italian waiter named Pistachio Disguisey at his father Fabbrizio's restaurant, who happens to be a member of a family with supernatural skills of disguise. But moments later the patriarch of the Disguisey family is kidnapped Fabbrizio's former arch-enemy, Devlin Bowman, a criminal mastermind in an attempt to steal the world's most precious treasures from around the world. And it's up to Pistachio to track down Bowman and save his family before Bowman kills them!

The movie The Master of Disguise, released in 2002, features 25 songs from artists like The Miami Sound Machine, M.C. Hammer, Devo and Rose Falcon. What is your favorite song from The Master of Disguise?


Songs from The Master of Disguise

The Miami Sound Machine
Theme from Jaws
Tubular Bells
U Can't Touch This
M.C. Hammer
Whip It
Eye of the Tiger
Chariots of Fire
Can You See Me
Papa Don't Preach
Rose Falcon
Walking On Sunshine
Katrina And The Waves
I Like To Move It
Reel 2 Real featuring The Mad Stuntman
M.A.S.T.E.R. Part 1
The Hardhedz featuring Play
Double Dutch Bus
Devin Vasquez
Master Of Disguise
Colleen Fitzpatrick
Chris and Tad
Walking On Sunshine
Val C
This Could Be Love
Jessica Simpson
M.A.S.T.E.R. Part 2
Play featuring Lil Fizz of B2K
Happy Face
Destiny's Child
Don't Stop (Doin' It)

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