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The Guilty (2000)

Callum Crane, a lawyer and would-be federal judge, jeopardizes his chances at a judgeship by forcing himself on his secretary. He then worsens the situation by trying to have the woman murdered. Further complicating matters, he assigns the task to a young man who, unbeknownst to Crane, is actually his son, Nathan. Nathan refuses to do the deed, but not before informing several people, one of whom tries to take on the job.

The movie The Guilty, released in 2000, features 18 songs from artists like Mansun, Joel Evans, Lunatic Calm and Lackey. What is your favorite song from The Guilty?


Songs from The Guilty

Wide Open Space
Mezzanine Dream
Joel Evans
Leave You Far Behind
Lunatic Calm
Ipanema Dreaming
Unsafe @ Any Speed
Jazz & Blues #9
Dilated Eyes
Gloria Patri
Nooko Okado and Richard Margison
Nessun Dorma
the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and Ermanno Mauro (as Ermano Mauro)
You're The One For Me
Joel Evans & Patrick Maier
If Only U Could See
My Problem
Nova Girl
Jack Tripper
Here She Comes
Crown of Thorns

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