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The Five Heartbeats (1991)

In the early 1960s, a quintet of hopeful, young African-American men form an amateur vocal group called The Five Heartbeats. After an initially rocky start, the group improves, turns pro, and rises to become a top flight music sensation. Along the way, however, the guys learn many hard lessons about the reality of the music industry.

The movie The Five Heartbeats, released in 1991, features 29 songs from artists like The Four Tops, Babydoll & The Crystals, Flash & The Ebony Sparks and The Five Heartbeats. What is your favorite song from The Five Heartbeats?


Songs from The Five Heartbeats

Amazing Grace
It's the Same Old Song
The Four Tops
Carry On
I've Never Felt This Good
I Love Joey
Babydoll & The Crystals
Are You Ready for Me
Flash & The Ebony Sparks
Nothing But Love
The Five Heartbeats
Stay in My Corner
The Dells
Ready or Not, Here I Come
The Delfonics
Juan Minaya
Baby Stop Running Around
Bird and The Midnight Falcons
9:20 Special
The Five Heartbeats Orchestra
Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time
The Delfonics
A Heart Is a House for Love
The Five Heartbeats
La La (Means I Love You)
The Delfonics
Shake Me Wake Me (When It's Over)
The Four Tops
We Haven't Finished Yet
Duck's Baby Sister
Nights Like This
The Five Heartbeats
Down for the Count
Flash & The Ebony Sparks
Oh What a Night
The Dells
In the Middle
Flash and The Five Heartbeats
Just in Case
Flash and The Five Heartbeats
I Feel Like Going On
Eddie King Jr. & Babydoll
Happy Birthday
The Five Heartbeats, Brenda & Tanya
Bring Back the Days
U.S. Male
Aladdin's Scratch
The World Famous Supreme Team
You Can Kiss Where the Sun Don't Shine
We Haven't Finished Yet