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The Auteur (2008)

THE AUTEUR follows formerly renowned porn director Arturo Domingo (Five Easy Nieces, Requiem for a Wet Dream) through a bizarre weekend as he receives a lifetime achievement award at a film festival in Portland, OR. Encountering crazed fans, former collaborators, bitter enemies and free-loving hippies, Arturo attempts to put the pieces of his broken career and personal life back together.

The movie The Auteur, released in 2008, features 14 songs from artists like Copy, AU and marchfourth marching band. What is your favorite song from The Auteur?


Songs from The Auteur

Flight of the Bumblebee
Ride Of The Valkyries
Watch the Days Slowly Fade
Sweet Love (I Need a Man)
Hands in Pockets
A Gilded Age
Can't See the Moon? Cut Down the Tree
marchfourth marching band
Stand to Love
Me and My Buddies in Vietnam