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Tapeheads (1988)

The story of Ivan and Josh, two dim witted ex-security guards who love music videos. Out of work, with no job prospects, they form a music video production company. They soon learn the in's and out's of the business in LA and with some help from Mo Fuzz, they soon become hot property. But not all goes smoothly when they try to resurrect the career of their favorite R&B duo, the Swanky Modes.

The movie Tapeheads, released in 1988, features 25 songs from artists like They Might Be Giants, The Swanky Modes, Circle Jerks and David Kahne. What is your favorite song from Tapeheads?


Songs from Tapeheads

American Patrol
Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head
They Might Be Giants
Baby Doll
Betcher Bottom Dollar
The Swanky Modes
Live And Learn
The Swanky Modes
Beat Me Senseless
Circle Jerks
I Wanna Be Sedated
David Kahne
Tender Love Attack
Darryl Williams
Surfer's Love Chant
Roscoe's Rap
King Cotton
Do The Limbo
The Calypso Band
That's Enough (Of That War Stuff)
The Swanky Modes
Slow Bus Moving (Howard's Beach Party)
Audience For My Pain
The Swanky Modes
Language Of Love
The Swanky Modes
Repave Amerika
Tim Robbins
In Sight
Dead Kennedys
You Hooked Me, Baby
The Swanky Modes
Running Away
The Navigators
Open All Night
The Putzes
Mr. MX-7
Stiv Bators (as Stiv Bator) & The Zeros
She's The Lion
King Cotton & The Bonedaddys
Now That You're Gone
John Cusack and Tim Robbins
Ordinary Man
The Swanky Modes

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